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City Pop on Vinyl 2024

City Pop on Vinyl 2024

City Pop, the quintessential Japanese pop genre that captivated the airwaves in the 1970s and 1980s, is experiencing a global renaissance. Known for its polished production, smooth melodies, and urban sophistication, City Pop perfectly captures the essence of modern life during its era.

🎶 Rediscover the Magic of City Pop! 🎶
On August 3rd, special City Pop vinyl will be released from classic hits to hidden gems. This collection brings together the nostalgic warmth and breezy sophistication that defined the genre, making it the perfect soundtrack for those sun-drenched summer days and balmy nights.

Don’t miss out on this limited edition releases that promise to elevate your summer vibe with the quintessential sounds of City Pop! 🌆

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Titles (released on Aug. 3rd)

Ohashi Junko / Magical Ohashi Junko No Sekai 3 ( Clear vinyl) (2LP) – PROT-7279/80
Ohashi Junko” A Love Affair / I Love You So ( Clear Sky Blue vinyl) (7″) – PROT-7282
Ohashi Junko & Minoya Central Station / Full House (Milky Pink vinyl) (LP) – PROT-7276
Ohashi Junko / Pagoda (LP) / MHJL-344
Taeko Onuki / Sunshower (LP) (Clear Pink Vinyl) – CRJ-1025
Makoto Iwabuchi / Super Moon (LP) / HMJA-207
Kingo Hamada Midnight Cruisin ‘(CLear Vinyl) (LP)  – WQJL-184
Hitomi Toyama NEXT DOOR edit & backing tracks EP(12″)  – HMJA-208
Tamlyn Tomita Sweet Surprise(LP) – PROT-7277

Other City Pop titles available

Takanaka Masayoshi / Seychelles (LP, blue vinyl) – UPJY-9433
Takanaka Masayoshi / Takanaka (LP, red vinyl) – UPJY-9434
Takanaka Masayoshi / An Insatiable High (LP, yellow vinyl) – UPJY-9435
Takanaka Masayoshi / Super Takanaka Live! (LP, white vinyl) – UPJY-9436

Tatsuro Yamashita / Circus Town (LP ) – BVJL95
Tatsuro Yamashita / For You (LP ) – BVJL90
Tatsuro Yamashita / MOONGLOW (LP ) – BVJL92
Tatsuro Yamashita / Greatest Hits! Of Tatsuro Yamashita (LP ) – BVJL98
Tatsuro Yamashita RIDE ON TIME (LP ) – BVJL91
Tatsuro Yamashita SPACY (heavyweight LP) – BVJL-94
Tatsuro Yamashita GO AHEAD! (heavyweight LP) – BVJL-93

Anri / Anri Summer 45RPM EP (12) – FLJF9537K
Anri / BI / KI / NI (LP) – FLJF9534
Anri / Heaven Beach (LP) – FLJF9533
Anri / COOOL (LP) – FLJF9536
Anri / Timely!!(LP) – FLJF-9535

YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA BGM(Standard Vinyl Edition)(LP) – MHJL-77
YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA Technodelic (Standard Vinyl Edition)(LP) – MHJL-80
YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA Naughty Boys (Standard Vinyl Edition)(LP) – MHJL-88
Yukihiro Takahashi / Neuromantic (LP) – MHJL-172
Yukihiro Takahashi What, Me Wory (LP) – MHJL-204
Yukihiro Takahashi / Tomorrow’s Just Another Day (LP) – MHJL-205
Yukihiro Takahashi / Wild & Moody (LP) – MHJL-214

Taeko Onuki Aventure (LP) – MHJL38
Taeko Onuki Signific (LP) – MHJL46
Taeko Onuki Kaie (LP) – MHJL48

Kinokuniya Band / Street Sensation – PROT7122