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We accept orders by not only this website but also email.

Other than those above, other genres are also available.
If you purchase more than 400 records, shipping by sea freight is also available. It can be sent very cheaply.
If you have special order requests or intend to make a bulk order, please do not hesitate to contact us from here.


We have a wide variety of records!

We have vinyl records purchased both domestically and internationally.

For example, 12 and 7 inch LP records of all genres including classical, Japanese music, rock, pop, jazz, fusion, soul, world, club/dance, etc...

Ecostore Records, our purchasing division, has already acquired over 3 million records! We have been purchasing vinyl records for over a quarter of a century, so we are confident you can place your trust in us!

If you would like to do business with us, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Most applicants tend to be those who wish to use records at jazz cafes, bars, clubs, etc., those who are planning to open a record shop in the future, or already well-established vinyl record shops, but we welcome all applicants! Business, corporate, or individual applicants are all accepted.

We ship anywhere in the world!

Face Record is very reliable because we sell overseas EC service such as eBay, Amazon.com and Discogs and we also ship abroad every week. In addition, we are also managing stores in New York City, so we will support shipping overseas.

Welcome to Face Records Wholesaler

We currently stock the world's largest selection of Japanese pressed vinyl records. If you are looking for a wholesaler of second hand Japanese pressed vinyl records, Face Records Wholesaler is your best choice. There are only a few wholesale dealers selling these records elsewhere, so congratulations on finding this special site!
If you are interested in wholesaling, please select the products you would like to buy at our warehouse in Tokyo. We apologize, but we do not have a list of records because there is simply too much vinyl--we have more than 10,000 vinyl records!
Currently, we have in stock Rock, Jazz, Pop, Soul, Japanese Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, House, Techno, Classic as well as many other genres. Upon your first visit to Japan, we can recommend hotels and restaurants in the Shibuya area and provide you with directions. We can also meet you at Shibuya station, so you don’t have to worry about making the trip yourself! In addition, if needed, we can arrange transportation for you, and can, of course, recommend great record shops in Tokyo.


FACE RECORDS started as a mail-order store in Yokohama in 1994. In 1996, we opened a shop in Udagawa Town in Shibuya. We sell used vinyl records, focusing mainly on vinyl records which were purchased in Europe, America, and Japan.

We have an extensive library to choose from and can deliver to you, no matter where you are!


My experience with this company has been nothing short of amazing. They are very resourceful and the prices are unbeatable, especially concerning Japanese pressed vinyls. Also, they have awesome English customer service, which is hard to find in Japan.

– T - Record Store's Owner

I was looking for a company that I could buy a lot of records from to use as background music in my restaurant/bar. As it was troublesome for me to buy everything individually, I called FACE RECORDS to inquire about their services and they immediately sent me a list of products and the price was reasonable.

– Restaurant owner

Please feel free to contact us!

If you have any questions about the product or anything you want to ask, please email us at any time.
We accept orders by not only this website but also email.