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Our collection of Japanese pressing vinyl is the largest in the world. If you're seeking wholesale for secondhand Japanese pressing vinyl, Face Records Wholesale is the optimal option. We're one of the limited wholesale dealers offering these records, so congratulations on discovering our exceptional website!
If you're considering our wholesale service, kindly contact us for further information. We can furnish you with a list of our products or the detail of our bulk deals.

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We will recommend and provide the specifics of our inventories based on your musical preferences and the volume of demand. We offer box and individual items. Please register for our service and inform us of your information and preference.




Stocking variety of records!

We offer a wide selection of vinyl, both locally and globally sourced. Our collection includes 12 and 7 inch singles and LPs of various genres, such as classical, Japanese music, rock, pop, jazz, fusion, soul, world, and club/dance.

Our purchasing division, Ecostore Records, has amassed over 3 million records over the past 25 years of operation. You can trust in our experience and expertise when it comes to vinyl record procurement.

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We warmly welcome all applicants, whether they are individuals, businesses, or corporations. We especially encourage those who are interested in opening a new record store, already owning an established store, or obtaining records for jazz cafes and bars to apply.

Worldwide shipping!

At Face Record, we have extensive experience with international shipping. We sell our products on various global marketplaces, including eBay, Amazon.com, and Discogs, and we fulfill international orders every week. Our top priority is to ensure the safe and prompt delivery of your orders, which we accomplish through dependable cargo services.

About Face Records

In 1994, Face Records was established as a mail-order store in Yokohama. Two years later, in 1996, we expanded our business by opening a store in Udagawa, Shibuya.

Our specialty lies in offering a diverse range of used vinyl records, predominantly sourced from Japan, America, and Europe. Our extensive collection provides an array of options to choose from, with the added convenience of delivery to any location.


I've had an exceptional experience with this company. Their resourcefulness is impressive and their prices, especially for Japanese pressing vinyl, are unbeatable. Additionally, their English customer service is top-notch, which is a rarity in Japan.

– T - Record Store's Owner

I needed to purchase a large number of records to use as background music in my restaurant/bar, and I wanted to find a company that could provide me with this service. Since buying each record individually was inconvenient, I reached out to Face Records to inquire about their services. They promptly provided me with a list of available products, and the pricing was affordable.

– Restaurant owner

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Please feel free to email us anytime if you have any questions about our product or if there's anything else you'd like to ask. We accept orders both on our website and through email.