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Takanaka Masayoshi’s classic albums are reissued now!

Takanaka Masayoshi’s classic albums are reissued now!

Masayoshi Takanaka, one of Japan’s leading super guitarists, highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas has turned 53 years since his debut! His classic albums are remastered and released on color vinyl! His past reissues such as Rainbow Goblin and Brasilian Skies were sold out quickly and are already rare now. Before the reissues this time are gone and get rare, don’t miss the chance to stock copies for your stores!


Seychelles (LP, blue vinyl) – UPJY-9433

Takanaka (LP, red vinyl) – UPJY-9434

An Insatiable High (LP, yellow vinyl) – UPJY-9435

Super Takanaka Live! (LP, white vinyl) – UPJY-9436

Other than the records above, Face Records carries new Japanese vinyl in addition to a large selection of secondhand vinyl that we wholesale. Due to the language barrier or the high minimum order quantity, it may occasionally be challenging for stores outside of Japan to stock new Japanese vinyl. No worry, we have fair minimum order quantities and English-speaking customer support.  Please sign up for our service or get in touch with us if you are interested in them.

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