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We wholesale new Japanese vinyl!

We wholesale new Japanese vinyl!

Face Records carries new Japanese vinyl in addition to a large selection of secondhand vinyl that we wholesale. Due to the language barrier or the high minimum order quantity, it may occasionally be challenging for stores outside of Japan to stock new Japanese vinyl. No worry, we have fair minimum order quantities and English-speaking customer support. The popular and available products we now carry are listed below. Please sign up for our service or get in touch with us if you are interested in them. 

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Tatsuro Yamashita / For You (BVJL-90)
Tatsuro Yamashita / Spacy (BVJL-94)
Tatsuro Yamashita / Greatest Hits! Of Tatsuro Yamashita (BVJL-98)
*We deal with more Tatsuro Yamashita’s reissue, but they will be released in 2024.
Tatsuro Yamashita / Moonglow (BVJL-92)

Anri / Heaven Beach (FLJF-9533)
Anri / Bi・Ki・Ni (FLJF-9534)
Anri / Coool (FLJF-9536)
Anri / 夏盤 45rpm EP ( FLJF-9537)

Taeko Ohnuki / Sunshower (CRJ-1023)
Haruomi Hosono / Hosono House (KIJS-90038)
Kinokuniya Band / Street Sensation (PROT7122)
Logic System / Venus (UPJY-9356)

Junko Yagami / Junko (WQJL-164)
Junko Ohashi / Magical (PROT-7247/8)
Takako Mayami / Love Trip (PROT-7246)
Noriyo Ikeda / Dream In The Street (TJJA-10058)

Joe Hisaishi / Princes Mononoke (Original Soundtrack) (TJJA10025c)
Joe Hisaishi / My Neighbor Totoro (TJJA10014)
Joe Hisaishi / Spirited Away (TJJA10028c)
*We deal with more titles of Studio Ghibli soundtrack  
V.A. / “Dragon Ball” Best Hit Songs ( clear orange color vinyl) (HMJA-198)

Miho Kei & Jazz Eleven / こけざる組曲 (Kokezaru-Kumikyoku) (HRLP272)
Ryo Fukui / Scenery (SOLID-1023)
Nujabes / Metaphorical Music (HOLP-002)
Nujabes – Fat Jon / Samurai Champloo Music Record – Departure (VTJL-7~8)


We deal with more new Japanese releases. If you look for any specific titles, feel free to contact us!